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  • NickNack - "At Ease"
  • NickNack - "Viberoom Episode 2"
  • NickNack - "When You Know"
  • NickNack - "With You"
  • NickNack - "Welcome to the Weekend"
  • NickNack - "Honey Drop Volume 2"
  • NickNack - "State Machine"
  • NickNack - "Honey Drop"
  • Mexicans With Guns - "Me Gusto (NickNack Cinco de Mayo Remix)"
  • NickNack - "Nobody Else"
  • UGK - "One Day (NickNack Pimp C Tribute Remix)"
  • NickNack - "Fun Fun Fun Fest (Recorded Live 11-06-10)"
  • NickNack - "Dearly Departed Remixed"
  • NickNack - "Dearly Departed"
  • NickNack - "Strangest Secret"
  • NickNack - "Opening Set For Prefuse 73 (live 9-24-09)"
  • NickNack - "Backspin In-Store August 2009"
  • NickNack and Enfoe - "Put Your Pants On (SXSW 2009 Mix)"
  • NickNack and Bird Peterson feat Def Darrell - "Golden Spring Break Moments (SXSW 2008 Mix)"
  • NickNack & Zeale32 - "Lace Up"
  • NickNack - "Mashed Potatoes"
  • NickNack - "QuickMix 34 (SXSW 2007 Mix)"
  • NickNack - "Beat Drop"
  • NickNack - "Backspin Records In-Store"
  • NickNack - "QuickMix 33 (SXSW 2006 All Things Mix)"
  • NickNack - "Metropolis (Live Turntable Score)"
  • NickNack - "Broken"
  • NickNack and Enfoe - "QuickMix 32 (SXSW/WMC 2005 Mix)"
  • NickNack - "QuickMix 31 (Scion Free Up Mix)"
  • NickNack - "QuickMix 30"
  • NickNack - "Soundcraftsman Volume One"
  • NickNack - "Bside Blends Vol 5 (Jacked For Beats)"
  • NickNack - "QuickMix 29 (Bounce, Break, Skate)"
  • BLAZE - "Live In Barcelona"
  • NickNack - "Improving Silence"
  • NickNack - "QuickMix 28 (Just Loungin)"
  • NickNack - "Robot Carnival (Live Turntable Score)"
  • NickNack - "Soul Nourishment"
  • NickNack - "Bside Blends Vol 4"
  • NickNack - "QuickMix 27"
  • NickNack - "Mustard Seed"
  • Melodic and NickNack - "Rootdown Live"
  • NickNack - "Live Mix 01-11-03"
  • Baby G and NickNack - "Rootdown Live"
  • NickNack - "QuickMix 26"
  • NickNack - "Bside Blends Vol 3"
  • NickNack - "QuickMix 25"
  • NickNack - "RE: Construction"
  • NickNack - "RE: Construction (single)"
  • NickNack - "QuickMix 12"
  • NickNack - "Bside Blends Version 1.0"
  • Soundscape - "Listeners (single)"
  • NickNack - "Bside Blends Vol 1"
  • NickNack - "In The Nick Of Time"
  • Prince Poetry & QB - "Long Distance"
  • La D Da and NickNack - "Phono Phoniks"
  • NickNack - "N Fection"
  • NickNack - "N Cohearent"
  • NickNack - "Lacerations"
  • NickNack - "Audio Laxative"

NickNack "At Ease"

Released: April, 2016
Genre: future bass, hip-hop, party, summer
Downloads: 465
  • NickNack - At Ease

This mix is the perfect companion to any pool/boat/beach party, outdoor grillin' session or even just a relaxing afternoon in the sun. It's all about good vibes and taking it easy.

There's 32 songs (nearly 1hr of jams) that range from future bass to hip-hop with sprinklings of r&b ranging from 100BPM to 140BPM.

It's 100% free. Grab your copy now!

NickNack "Viberoom Episode 2"

Released: August, 2015
Genre: future bass, party, summer
Downloads: 776
  • NickNack - Viberoom Episode 2

This is a live mix for Texas Scratch League's Viberoom Radio show which aired on 08-15-2015. Viberoom is featured on Beat Junkies Dash Radio and NickNack was the feature guest on Episode 2. Nick put together two 15 min mixes that have been combined here for your listening pleasure. The mix features all new music with a turntablist flare!

Head over to to download the full 2 hour episode complete with Nick's interview and guest mixes from DJ Ash, DJ Gonz, DJ NVS, DJ Elroy Boogie and DJ La D Da!

The link below is for just Nick's mix.

NickNack "When You Know"

Released: July, 2015
Genre: downtempo, chill, sexy
Downloads: 713
  • NickNack - When You Know

This is the live mix recorded for the dinner portion of Nick's wedding. It's a mixture of downtempo and sultry jams that set a chill and relaxed background atmosphere for any party.

It's 100% free. Grab your copy now!

NickNack "With You"

Released: April, 2015
Genre: wavy, r&b, party
Downloads: 1061
  • NickNack - With You

This is a live recording from a set Nick prepared for the cocktail party at his wedding. It features a sexy blend of tunes hand picked to get any party started off properly.

The musical journey goes from horizontal disco to r&b to house to chill wave and spans 110BPM to 160BPM.

It's 100% free. Grab your copy now!

NickNack "Welcome to the Weekend"

Released: July, 2014
Genre: wavy, party, summer
Downloads: 3896
  • NickNack - Welcome to the Weekend

Looking for just the mix to get your summer party started? Look no further my friends! This mix has the perfect joints for those long nights and poolside days. Best of all it's FREE.

What are you waiting for!? Get to downloading ;)

NickNack "Honey Drop Volume 2"

Released: December, 2012
Genre: r&b, boogie, disco
Downloads: 2895
  • NickNack - Honey Drop Volume 2

A follow up to his popular Honey Drop mix, this go 'round offers a sensual blend of old and new R&B, horizontal disco, boogie and house.

NickNack "State Machine"

Released: March, 2012
Genre: soul, funk, hip-hop, dirty south, electronica
Downloads: 2760
  • NickNack - State Machine
  1. NickNack "Holding Pattern"
  2. NickNack "Mysticism"
  3. NickNack "Even After"
  4. NickNack feat Lowkey, Dowrong & Reggie Coby "Gimme A Chance"
  5. NickNack "Nobody Else"
  6. NickNack "Worse Things"
  7. NickNack "No Alike"
  8. NickNack "One Wait Later"
  9. NickNack feat Reggie Coby "Digress"
  10. NickNack "Brazen"
  11. NickNack "The Darling"
  12. NickNack "Idiom"
  13. NickNack feat A.Dd+ "Can't You See"
  14. NickNack "Soul Sent"
  15. NickNack "We Belong"
  16. NickNack feat Crew54 & Bavu Blakes "The Time Next"
  17. NickNack "State Machine"

"State Machine" is inspired by the human apparatus which is a complex 'machine' capable of an extremely wide range of 'states' (as in conditions with respect to circumstances). As 'machines' we can relate to one another through these rich and meaningful 'states'. They help to define and shape the paths which we travel throughout our lives.

This album in and of itself is meant to be a stateful sonic journey, traversing a variety of genres, moods and styles (from angst riddled raps to relaxing soulful instrumentals).

Nick's 4th full length release features 17 original songs (50 mins) including gems from A.Dd+, Bavu, Crew54 and LOEGz.

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NickNack "Honey Drop"

Released: December, 2011
Genre: disco, boogie
Downloads: 2581
  • NickNack - Honey Drop

This is a live recording from a set Nick prepared for a house party. It features a variety of disco boogie tunes ranging from the 1980s all the way up to modern day nu disco with a focus on sensuality. The mix was recorded live on 12/15/11

Lay back and enjoy!

Mexicans With Guns "Me Gusto (NickNack Cinco de Mayo Remix)"

Released: May, 2011
Genre: latin, dance
Downloads: 2569
  • Mexicans With Guns - Me Gusto (NickNack Cinco de Mayo Remix)

In keeping with the celebratory vibes of Cinco de Mayo, Nick has reworked the classic Mexicans With Guns and Chico Mann collab "Me Gusto".

Nick's remix pushes the tempo up to 110 BPM and adds samba rhythms along with chunky low end bass with a thick texture. This one is meant to get the dance floor moving.

Download the 320kbps mp3 file along with hi resolution art below for free.99 :) Enjoy!

NickNack "Nobody Else"

Released: March, 2011
Genre: soul, instrumental, psych funk
Downloads: 2355
  • NickNack - Nobody Else
  1. NickNack "Nobody Else"
  2. NickNack "Sevens"
  3. BONUS - NickNack "Life In The Speaker"

The A side title track is a sultry blend of hip-hop and motown-era soul. The B side is a heady 7/8 time psychedelic funk song. We've even included a bonus treat in the digital version ;)

The 7inch vinyl pressing is limited to 300qty.

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Vinyl $6.99

UGK "One Day (NickNack Pimp C Tribute Remix)"

Released: December, 2010
Genre: hip-hop, rap, dirty south
Downloads: 2745
  • UGK - One Day (NickNack Pimp C Tribute Remix)

I have been a Pimp C fan ever since I heard the first word of "Pocket Full of Stones" uttered from Chad's mouth. For me, like most folks, I was hooked when I heard his southern drawl and delivery. He has a way of rapping that literally sounds like he is talking to you.

The other thing you have to keep in mind is that Pimp C and Bun came out when not a whole lot was coming out of Texas. So for a young Texan into rap circa early 90s, I found their music extremely appealing. In fact, it sort of became the soundtrack for my teenage years.

Not only that, but Pimp C specifically repped Texas harder than ANYONE I have ever seen or heard. Who else do you know that can make a convincing argument that Atlanta isn't a part of the South? He officially made it cool to be a Texan.

My hats off to Pimp C. Condolence to his family and friends.


NickNack "Fun Fun Fun Fest (Recorded Live 11-06-10)"

Released: November, 2010
Genre: instrumental, dirty south, turntablism
Downloads: 2368
  • NickNack - Fun Fun Fun Fest (Recorded Live 11-06-10)

This is a live recording of the set that NickNack performed at Fun Fun Fun Fest on November 6, 2010. The first half of the set was all original music and the second half was a DJ set.

** JohnBeez joined Nick on stage with his Fretless Fader, unfortunately this recording didn't capture that. You can see that in the video clip posted in our video section though ;)

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NickNack "Dearly Departed Remixed"

Released: November, 2010
Genre: downtempo, dubstep, nu disco, idm, hip-hop
Downloads: 2523
  • NickNack - Dearly Departed Remixed
  1. NickNack "Simply Imagine (Ernest Gonzales Remix)"
  2. NickNack "Out of Water (Inf Remix)"
  3. NickNack "Scenic Route (Datahowler Remix)"
  4. NickNack "Other Side (DJ DRM Remix)"
  5. NickNack "Cascade (J Boogie Remix)"
  6. NickNack "Stolid (DJ Apt One Remix)"
  7. NickNack "Sultry Haven (Ruckus Roboticus Stairway To Haven Mix)"
  8. NickNack "Strangest Secret (DJ Ayres Remix)"
  9. NickNack "Scuff (Ntropy SpaceToadIDM Remix)"
  10. NickNack "Stolid (Brede Remix)"
  11. NickNack "Cascade (BoomBaptist Remix)"
  12. NickNack "Gathering Shadow (The ARE Tron Remix)"
  13. NickNack "Dearly Departed (B.Cause Remix)"
  14. NickNack "Last Smile (Adrian Quesada Remix)"
  15. NickNack "Strangest Secret (Bird Peterson Remix)"

"Dearly Departed Remixed" is new spin on NickNack's "Dearly Departed" full length classic featuring remixes from an all star cast of producers including Ernest Gonzales, Inf, Datahowler, DJ DRM, J Boogie, DJ Apt One, Ruckus Roboticus, DJ Ayres, Ntropy, Brede, BoomBaptist, The ARE, B.Cause, Adrian Quesada and Bird Peterson. The interpretations vary from Nu Disco to Dubstep, each with its own unique twist on the original.

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NickNack "Dearly Departed"

Released: June, 2010
Genre: downtempo, psych funk, electronica
Downloads: 145
  • NickNack - Dearly Departed
  1. NickNack "Strangest Secret"
  2. NickNack "Scuff"
  3. NickNack "Stolid"
  4. NickNack "Hurt You"
  5. NickNack "Sight Unseen"
  6. NickNack "Gathering Shadow"
  7. NickNack "Dearly Departed"
  8. NickNack "Out of Water"
  9. NickNack "Cascade"
  10. NickNack "Last Smile"
  11. NickNack "Other Side"
  12. NickNack "Scenic Route"
  13. NickNack "Sultry Haven"
  14. NickNack "Ambient Intimacy"
  15. NickNack "Simply Imagine"

The notion of the album is all but gone these days. It's not often you come across a project that has cohesive quality artwork and packaging, music and a theme that weaves it all together. "Dearly Departed" is precisely that, an album you can touch, feel and listen to from start to finish leaving fulfilled.

This album can best be described as a combination of psych rock and funk. The result is a sultry, soulful downtempo instrumental sound that is sure to move you whether you like hip hop, soul, rock or downtempo electronica. DJ Ayres summarizes best by saying, "I would put this album in the same category as DJ Shadow - Endtroducing and RJD2 - Dead Ringer."

Be sure to check out the Dearly Departed video promo.

Bird Peterson "It becomes a soundtrack for your everyday life."
DJ Ayres "Aside from just being awesome production, I love the depth and mood."
DJ Apt One "From top to bottom, this record has the sound!"
Rehash Media "This new project feels like a heart on one's sleeve."

** Both the CD and Limited Edition version are high quality matte lamination with spot UV and include real vintage photos + a FREE mp3 download coupon!!

The Limited Edition CD includes:

  • Everything you get with the CD
  • A bonus "Improving Silence" CD
  • Signed by Nick and hand numbered (on the back cover)
  • Only 100 qty made
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CD $9.99
Limited Edition $14.99

NickNack "Strangest Secret"

Released: March, 2010
Genre: downtempo, psych funk, electronica
Downloads: 2331
  • NickNack - Strangest Secret
  1. NickNack "Strangest Secret"
  2. NickNack "Gathering Shadow"

This is the first single off the "Dearly Departed" full length. It features two songs which fit somewhere in between downtempo and psychedelic funk. "Strangest Secret" serves as the entry into this mystical soundscape while "Gathering Shadow" offers a brooding sonic journey laced with turntablist elements.

The 7inch vinyl pressing is limited to 300qty.

Approx 25qty remaining

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Vinyl $6.99

NickNack "Opening Set For Prefuse 73 (live 9-24-09)"

Released: September, 2009
Genre: hip-hop, breaks, dubstep
Downloads: 2363
  • NickNack - Opening Set For Prefuse 73 (live 9-24-09)

This is a live recording of NickNack's portion of the opening set that him and DJ Digg (TMC) did for the Prefuse 73 show at Ace's Lounge on 9-24-09.

  1. Intro
  2. DJ Z-Trip "Tom Sawyer"
  3. Qbert "Bear Witness (NickNack Edit)"
  4. Handsome Boy Modeling School "Holy Calamity" w/ NickNack cuts
  5. Cut Chemist "Audience is Listening"
  6. Blackalicious "Paragraph President (NickNack Edit)"
  7. Murs "Breakfast Club"
  8. Haiku d Etat "Mike Aaron Eddie (NickNack Edit)"
  9. Nas "If I Ruled The World"
  10. Giorgio Moroder "Tears"
  11. DJ Shadow "Organ Donor (Extended Overhaul)"
  12. Interlude
  13. Bobby Caldwell "What You Won't Do For Love (DZ Remix)"
  14. Bird Peterson "25 or 6 To Blow"
  15. Michael Jackson "Billie Jean (Zeno Regloved Remix)"
  16. Datsik "Retreat"
  17. Tricky "Council Estate (Drums of Death Remix)"
  18. Outkast "BOB (NickNack Edit)"
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NickNack "Backspin In-Store August 2009"

Released: August, 2009
Genre: hip-hop, classic hip-hop
Downloads: 2381
  • NickNack - Backspin In-Store August 2009

This is a live recording of an in-store set Nick did in August 14, 2009 using nothing but vinyl. All skips, scratches, hiccups and mess ups are included.

  1. Slick Rick "Hey Young World"
  2. Big Noyd "Usual Suspect Instr"
  3. Big Daddy Kane "Smooth Operator"
  4. Nas "If I Ruled the World"
  5. Hard 2 Obtain "LI Groove Instr"
  6. Artifacts "Wrong Side of the Tracks"
  7. Lace Da Booms "Cut That Weak Shit"
  8. Large Professor "Mad Scientist"
  9. GZA "Shadowboxin"
  10. Jay-Z "A Million and One Remix"
  11. DITC "Internationally Known"
  12. Chocolate Bam Boo "Test Da Rocket Jazz"
  13. Digable Planets "Rebirth of Slick"
  14. Jemini "Brooklyn Kids Instr"
  15. Blahzay Blahzay "Danger"
  16. Jeru D "Original"
  17. Black Moon "I Got Ya Opin Remix"
  18. Redman "Funkorama"
  19. Pete Rock "Take Your Time"
  20. Pharcyde "Runnin'"
  21. Alkaholiks "All Night Southern Mix"
  22. D Nice "Call Me D Nice"
  23. Grand Puba "What Goes Around"
  24. Various Artists "Self Destruction"
  25. Main Source "Fakin the Funk Instr"
  26. Eric B and Rakim "I Ain't No Joke"
  27. Low Profile "Pay Ya Dues"
  28. P.R.T. "Rock Dis Funky Joint"
  29. 3rd Bass "Gas Face Instr"
  30. De La Soul "Ring Ring Ring"
  31. Souls of Mischief "93 Til Infinity"
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NickNack and Enfoe "Put Your Pants On (SXSW 2009 Mix)"

Released: March, 2009
Genre: dance, electro, turntablist, party
Downloads: 4033
  • NickNack and Enfoe - Put Your Pants On (SXSW 2009 Mix)
  1. The Police - Roxanne (DiscoTech Remix)
  2. Saint Pauli - I Need Rhythm (Original Version)
  3. Mstrkrft feat N.O.R.E. - Bounce (A-Trak Remix)
  4. Goshi Goshi - The Lock Shot
  5. AC Slater - Bassline Time
  6. Dillinja - Twist em Out (Proper Villains Remix)
  7. N.A.S.A - Whatchadoin (Villains Remix)
  8. Enfoe:
  9. The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon
  10. Birdy Nam Nam - Worried (Djedjotronic Remix)
  11. Deadmau5 - Ghosts N' Stuff
  12. White Lies - Farewell to the Fairground (Yuksek Remix)
  13. Surkin - Ghetto Obsession (Delete remix)
  14. Modjo - Lady (Mano Remix)
  15. Wolfgang Gartner - Killer
  16. The Black Ghosts - Any Way You Choose To Give It (Boy-8-Bit version)
  17. B.Rich - Everyday Hustle (AC Slater Remix)
  18. NickNack:
  19. Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss A Beat (Yuksek Remix)
  20. Rogues - Not So Pretty (Feed Me Remix)
  21. Madonna - Into The Groove (Sidechains Remix)
  22. Fare Soldi - Survivor (Saint Pauli Remix) with Cerebral Vortex - We Can Groove
  23. Beyond God and Elvis - Designer Drugs Remix
  24. Dance Area - AA 24-7 (Diplo Remix)
  25. Four Color Zack - Satisfaction Break
  26. Enfoe:
  27. Crookers - Il Cattivo + Thunder
  28. Yuksek - Break Ya
  29. Calvin Harris - Girls (micky Slim's Bomb Squad Remix)
  30. Mylo - Drop the Pressure 2009 (Electro Bass Mix)
  31. Le Castle Vania - Zero Machine
  32. HeavyFeet - One Last Time (Klaus Hill Remix)
  33. When Saints Go Machine - Sell Me Your Exit (Electrojuice Remix)

* All cuts/scratches by Enfoe and NickNack, cover art by Ling Chou *

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NickNack and Bird Peterson feat Def Darrell "Golden Spring Break Moments (SXSW 2008 Mix)"

Released: March, 2008
Genre: dance, funny, electro, scratch, party
Downloads: 2340
  • NickNack and Bird Peterson feat Def Darrell - Golden Spring Break Moments (SXSW 2008 Mix)
    NickNack (start to 19:00)
  1. Chromeo - Me & My Man (Krazy Fiesta Remix)
  2. Dj Edjotronic & Spoek - #3
  3. Donovan - Yo
  4. B. Rich - Dirty Dirty
  5. 215 The Freshest Kids - Vnecks (NickNack Remix)
  6. Dj T-Rock & Squashy Nice - Ho Really! (Get Involved)
  7. Supreeme - Who We Are (Royal Rumble Remix)
  8. Muscles - Sweaty (Shazam Remix)
  9. When Saints Go Machine - You Should Be Someone Else (Moulinex Remix)
  10. Bird Peterson (19:00 to 33:30)
  11. NIN - Capitol G (Switch Remix)
  12. Crookers - Jetso
  13. Ricky Stone - Shangai Taxi
  14. Beck - Get Real Paid
  15. Steve Miller - Abracadabra (Boy 8 Bit Remix)
  16. Shena - Electrosexual
  17. Solid Groove - This Is Sick (Bird Peterson Remix)
  18. NickNack (33:30 to 48:38)
  19. Wisdom Tooth / The Glass - Banging It Out (NickNack Remix)
  20. The Touch - Le Night Dominator
  21. Chew Fu & Human Resource - Dominator (Chew Fu 2010 B-Boy Mix) *Exclusive*
  22. Grum - Go Back
  23. Krames - Shrine Mother Remix
  24. Corey Hart - Sunglasses At Night (Chew Fu Refix feat J-Cast, a-Clay & PVH)
  25. Bird Peterson (48:38 to end)
  26. Bird Peterson - Bring The Noise
  27. Will Bailey - Hookin
  28. Stupid Fresh - Get The Fuck Up
  29. Bonde Role - Gasolina (Crookers Remix)
  30. Wu Tang Clan - The Jump Off (Bird Peterson Remix)
  31. Ocelot - Lo Sforzo (LA Riots Remix)
  32. Hardknox - Psychopath
  33. Tim Heidecker - Right Way To Rock (Bird Peterson Remix)
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NickNack & Zeale32 "Lace Up"

Released: March, 2007
Genre: hip-hop, electro rap, party
Downloads: 2937
  • NickNack & Zeale32 - Lace Up
  1. NickNack & Zeale 32 "Lace Up"
  2. NickNack & Zeale 32 "Lace Up (Instr)"
  3. NickNack & Zeale 32 "Lace Up (Acapella)"
  4. NickNack & Zeale 32 "Beat Drop (Remix)"
  5. NickNack & Zeale 32 "Beat Drop (Remix Acapella)"

"Lace Up" is an uptempo, electro/hiphop tribute to all you Nike heads out there. We understand waiting in line for the Tier 0 limited edition joints. "Lace Up" is 150 BPM so it will keep the dance floor grooving. We've even included the instrumental and acapella so it's 100% Dj friendly!

"Beat Drop" remix is something Zeale32 had been performing for a hot minute at his live shows, rapping over Nick's "Beat Drop" song. The two linked up and put out this electro, dirty south heater for the clubs. Don't sleep!

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NickNack "Mashed Potatoes"

Released: March, 2007
Genre: mashup, remix, hip-hop, dance rap, party
Downloads: 17
  • NickNack - Mashed Potatoes
  1. NickNack - Sweaty Uniform
  2. NickNack - A Serious Encore
  3. NickNack - Sambas Delight
  4. NickNack - Nothing HipHop
  5. NickNack - Break Things
  6. NickNack - What She Wants
  7. NickNack - Fly Leopard Front
  8. NickNack - Blood On Your Bombs
  9. NickNack - Tha Return

This is a series of mashups that Nick put together for all you club DJs. There's a little something for everyone here.

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NickNack "QuickMix 34 (SXSW 2007 Mix)"

Released: March, 2007
Genre: hip-hop, dance, electro, bmore, motown, scratching, party
Downloads: 2352
  • NickNack - QuickMix 34 (SXSW 2007 Mix)
  1. Mos Def "Sun Moon Stars"
  2. Cut Chemist "The Audience Is Listening Theme Song"
  3. LL Cool J "Can't Live Without My Radio"
  4. Rodney O "Everlasting Bass"
  5. N.W.A. "Dopeman" Remix
  6. Zro, Devin, Bun B "The Mule" Ratatat Remix
  7. The Turtles "Buzzsaw"
  8. Desi Roots "Warning"
  9. Gideon Jah Rubbaal "Love Rasta"
  10. Bobby Ellis & The Professionals "Militant Salute"
  11. Junior Walker & The Allstars "Shotgun"
  12. Marvelettes "Please Mr Postman"
  13. The Supremes "Come See About Me"
  14. Archie Bell & The Drells "Tighten Up"
  15. Gang of Four "To Hell With Poverty" Go Home Remix
  16. Mstrkrft "Woman" Wolfmother Remix
  17. The Glass "Mad At You"
  18. Shakes "Sister Self Doubt"
  19. Gang of Four, 5 Deez "In Uniform" NickNack Remix
  20. Giorgio Moroder "The Chase"
  21. Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams Are Made of These"
  22. Rockwell "Somebody's Watching Me"
  23. Egyptian Loveer "Egypt Egypt"
  24. Gameboy Gamegirl "Sweaty Wet Dirty Damp"
  25. Federation "What If I Had a Gun" B Cause Remix
  26. Erik Sumo "This is Where it Began"
  27. The Zombies "Time of the Season"
  28. Bloc Party "Tulips"
  29. The Electric Prunes "General Confessional"
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NickNack "Beat Drop"

Released: November, 2006
Genre: funk, uptempo, afrolatin, soul, electro
Downloads: 14
  • NickNack - Beat Drop
  1. NickNack "Aqui en la Playa"
  2. NickNack "Sugar Shack"
  3. NickNack "Beat Drop"
  4. NickNack "Turntable Treats"

"Aqui en la Playa" was inspired by Nick's travels to Barcelona, Spain. It has that here on the beach, latin-house vibe to it. Can't you just imagine yourself laid back, sipping a long island ice tea?

"Sugar Shack" is reminiscent of that 60's, four on the floor, greasy funk. Thick drums and a tight bass will surely get the floor rocking! The vibe was inspired by the famous sugar shack painting by Ernie Barnes. Hence the track name.

"Beat Drop" is sort of a mixture of electro, 80's hiphop and dirty south. The moog bass has hints of a Too Short influence but with a modern twist by way of the drums. This track will work great in a variety of situations.

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NickNack "Backspin Records In-Store"

Released: June, 2006
Genre: psych rock, classic rock, prog rock
Downloads: 2345
  • NickNack - Backspin Records In-Store

Backspin Records is one of the best record stores in the country. This is a live recording of an in-store set Nick did in June 2006 using nothing but vinyl. No Serato and no digital here kiddies.

Nick opted to focus more on psych rock and sample worthy records from his personal collection. There are plenty of tasty treats in this one.

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NickNack "QuickMix 33 (SXSW 2006 All Things Mix)"

Released: March, 2006
Genre: dance, dub, motown, electro, scratch, party
Downloads: 2366
  • NickNack - QuickMix 33 (SXSW 2006 All Things Mix)
  1. Aceyalone/RJD2 "Fire"
  2. Def Squad "Rapper's Delight" NickNack RMX
  3. Nerd "She Moves" NickNack RMX
  4. Man Parrish "Boogie Down Bronx"
  5. Run DMC "Sucka MCs" NickNack cuts
  6. Dj Angola/Jemini "Rock This"
  7. Royal Cash "Radioactivity" instr
  8. Outkast "Wheelz of Steel" NickNack RMX
  9. LA Dream Team "Rockberry Jam"
  10. Sexual Harrasment "I Need a Freak"
  11. Three Six Mafia "Stay Fly" NickNack RMX
  12. Laid Back "White Horse"
  13. Prince "Erotic City"
  14. Sweet "Love Is Like"
  15. Daft Punk "Technologic"
  16. LCD Soundsystem "Tribulations"
  17. The Dead 60s "Riot Radio"
  18. Outkast "Blood on Your Bombs" NickNack RMX
  19. Cut Copy "Going Nowhere" Digitalism RMX
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NickNack "Metropolis (Live Turntable Score)"

Released: October, 2005
Genre: electronic, score, downtempo, rock, instrumental
Downloads: 3798
  • NickNack - Metropolis (Live Turntable Score)

Metropolis is a 1927 silent science fiction film directed by Fritz Lang. It is set in a futuristic urban dystopia and examines a common science fiction theme of the day: the social crisis between workers and owners in capitalism. The film stars Alfred Abel as the leader of the city, Gustav Frihlich as his son, who tries to mediate between the elite caste and the workers, Brigitte Helm as both the pure-at-heart worker Maria and the debased robot version of her, and Rudolf Klein-Rogge as the mad scientist who created the robot.

Nick worked in conjunction with Alamo Drafthouse to produce a live turntable score for the film and he performed it live several times. This is a live recording from one of those screenings.

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NickNack "Broken"

Released: July, 2005
Genre: breakbeat, breaks, instrumental, scratch, turntablist
Downloads: 42
  • NickNack - Broken
  1. NickNack "Edified"
  2. NickNack "Modulated"
  3. NickNack "Skipless Scratches"
  4. NickNack "Vocal Phrases"
  5. NickNack "Skipless Drums"
  6. NickNack "Tempo Track"
  7. NickNack "Winded"
  8. NickNack "Table Scraps"

This is the follow-up release to Nick's highly successful "Soundcraftsman v1" scratch tool. This time around Nick tries his hand at creating a unique "break" record.

You could say "Broken" is a break record, but there is a bit more to it than meets the eye. The B Side of this record features four instrumental tracks that express the essence of what a "break" really is. It's all about the drums and bass, that raw, undressed, virgin funk that is the basis of a great song. Use these breaks to practice scratching, beat juggling or even to practice creating songs by adding melodies on top.

If that isn't enough, Nick also included loads of sounds to scratch. Side A features skipless drums and scratches plus over 3 minutes of unique vocal phrases. The phrases he selected aren't your average battle sentences (although there are plenty of those), they can be used in songs and choruses in a wide variety of musical genres.

Lastly, for all you scratch maniacs out there, Nick came up with a unique concept for you to practice with. It's a "Tempo Track" that starts at 66BPM and goes up to 130BPM and back down to 66BPM. This allows you to practice scratching over changing tempos at extremes (really fast and really slow), which will increase your musical chops.

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NickNack and Enfoe "QuickMix 32 (SXSW/WMC 2005 Mix)"

Released: March, 2005
Genre: hip-hop, golden era hip-hop, scratching, turntablist
Downloads: 2552
  • NickNack and Enfoe - QuickMix 32 (SXSW/WMC 2005 Mix)
  1. Jemini "Brooklyn Kids" w/ Enfoe and NickNack cuts
  2. Organized Konfusion "Southside"
  3. Too Short "Life is Too Short"
  4. Rodney O "Everlasting Bass"
  5. Mobb Deep "Shook Ones" NickNack RMX
  6. Whodini "5 Minutes of Funk"
  7. Outkast "ATLiens" NickNack RMX
  8. Scarface "Scarface"
  9. Beat Fanatic "Cookin" w/ NickNack cuts
  10. Jazzy Jeff "Jazzy's Groove"
  11. Thes One "Doin It" instr w/ Enfoe cuts
  12. Low Profile "Pay Ya Dues"
  13. Sun Moon "Woo" instr w/ NickNack and Enfoe cuts
  14. Red Astaire "Hazlo Correcto"
  15. 8 Ball & MJG "Break em Off" NickNack RMX
  16. Breakestra "Popcorn" instr w/ Bavu freestyle
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NickNack "QuickMix 31 (Scion Free Up Mix)"

Released: October, 2004
Genre: hip-hop, soul, funk
Downloads: 2330
  • NickNack - QuickMix 31 (Scion Free Up Mix)
  1. RJD2 "1976" w/ NickNack cuts
  2. DJ Shadow "Treach Battle Beat"
  3. Automato "Walk Into the Light Remix" instr
  4. Geto Boys "My Mind Playing Tricks On Me"
  5. Sound Defects "Focus"
  6. Bama & the Family "Feeling Good"
  7. OG Style "Catchem Slippin"
  8. Mario Caldata Jr "Jimmy's Theme"
  9. Odd Squad "Coffee"
  10. Brand Nubian "Word Is Bond" instr
  11. Little Brother "The Get Up" NickNack remix
  12. DJ Day "It Still Ain't Hard to Tell"
  13. Common "I Used to Love HER"
  14. BDK "Smooth Operator" instr
  15. Goodie Mob "The Dirty South" NickNack remix
  16. Screwball "Hostyle" instr
  17. Samoo "Wreck'D"
  18. Thes One "Hidden Gem"
  19. Jay Z "Encore" NickNack remix
  20. Poets of Rhythm "Flight to St Vincent"
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NickNack "QuickMix 30"

Released: September, 2004
Genre: hip-hop, indie hip-hop
Downloads: 2234
  • NickNack - QuickMix 30
  1. Chapter 13 "The Rebirth"
  2. Masta Ace "Beautiful"
  3. Little Brother "The Way You Do It" NickNack Remix
  4. Dirty District "Don't Hang Up"
  5. Goodie Mob "Soul Food" NickNack Remix
  6. Hundred Strong "All Ain't Same" with NickNack cuts
  7. De La Soul "Stakes is High" NickNack Remix
  8. K-os "The Love Song"
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NickNack "Soundcraftsman Volume One"

Released: August, 2004
Genre: breakbeat, breaks, instrumental, scratch, turntablist
Downloads: 92
  • NickNack - Soundcraftsman Volume One
  1. NickNack "Chromatic Scale"
  2. NickNack "Skipless Drums"
  3. NickNack "Skipless Scratches"
  4. NickNack "Vocal Phrases"
  5. NickNack "Key Of C Major & A Minor"
  6. NickNack "Key Of D Major & B Minor"
  7. NickNack "Key Of E Major & Db Minor"
  8. NickNack "Key Of Ab Major & F Minor"
  9. NickNack "Key Of Bb Major & G Minor"
  10. NickNack "Key Of Gb Major & Eb Minor"
  11. NickNack "Assorted Melodies"
  12. NickNack "Keep Your Soul"

"Soundcraftsman" is a scratch tool for the turntable musician. It features some of the most innovative ideas to hit the world of turntablism. Far from your ordinary scratch record with 4-5 beats and only 2 minutes of scratch phrases, this revolutionary turntable tool is jam packed full of usable scratches, drums, vocal phrases and a completely unique series of notes, scales and chords. It will certainly change how the turntable is manipulated and perceived by the outside world. Welcome to the beginning of a new and exciting era in turntable music.

First off, "Soundcraftsman" allows DJs to easily play almost any melody. There are 6 instruments that feature note improvisation based on scales and each track is organized by key signature. This means that any notes you play will work with fellow musicians or songs, if you are in the right key.

Plenty traditional scratches such as csshh, fresh, drums and vocal phrases are available. All of the traditional scratches and drums are skipless and the CDJ version even has 22 loopable bonus beats for you to scratch over!

"Soundcraftsman" is the follow up release to the highly successful "Improving Silence" album and 12inches ("Mustard Seed" and "Soul Nourishment") which have sold around 9,000 copies worldwide so far. This revolutionary scratch tool will surely prove to be even more of a success.

Feedback from turntablists all around the world:

"If it's anything like your Turntable Treats, I can't wait to get my hands on it!" Big Wiz (Steal Workerz, Def Jux)

"I've banned all other scratch records from my crate. It's essential!!!" Chicken George (

"It's a utility record, finally there is a difference." Enfoe (2005 Vestax World Champion)

"This record is seriiious." Bobby (

"Hopefully this will make more djs aware of musical knowledge...props." 2Tall (

"Extremely useful...nice original samples, instruments and good sounds." Kypski (

More details... (explanation, instructions, detailed track listing and music theory)

Watch DMC champ Shiftee do a showcase/how to video using Soundcraftsman.

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Vinyl $14.99
CD $14.99

NickNack "Bside Blends Vol 5 (Jacked For Beats)"

Released: June, 2004
Genre: soul, funk, uptempo, classic hip-hop
Downloads: 2191
  • NickNack - Bside Blends Vol 5 (Jacked For Beats)
  1. Lee Oskar "I Remember Home" w/ NickNack cuts
  2. Earth Wind & Fire "Drum Song"
  3. Red Astaire "Rollin Stone"
  4. Digable Planets "9th wonder" NickNack RMX
  5. Encore "Real Talk"
  6. Little Brother "Whatever You Say" NickNack RMX
  7. Mos Def "Ms Fat Booty" NickNack RMX
  8. Poor Righteous Teachers "Shakila"
  9. Gangstarr "The ? Remains"
  10. Urban Renewel "360" w/ NickNack cuts
  11. Edo G/Masta Ace "Make Some Noise"
  12. Outkast "ATLiens" NickNack RMX
  13. Dilated Peoples"Work the Angles"
  14. Hard to Obtain "LI Groove" instr w/ NickNack cuts
  15. Bama & the Family "Don't Think Do"
  16. Dub Diablo "The Shape Up"
  17. D Nice "Crumbs on the Table"
  18. The Earl "Remix 2"
  19. Jungle Bros "Straight out the Jungle"
  20. Afrique "Soul Makossa"
  21. Fort Knox "Rubberfunk Mix"
  22. Red Astaire "Wildstyle"
  23. Thes One "Hidden Gem"
  24. Mark Rae "Mind Body Soul"
  25. Jay Z "Encore" NickNack RMX
  26. Hydroponic Sound System "Lagos Michigan"
  27. Marvin Gaye "T Plays it Cool"
  28. Freddie Cruger "The Hustle" NickNack RMX
  29. Sugarhill "8th Wonder"
  30. DJ Angola "Bailalo"
  31. Diesler "Sand Castles"
  32. Akward "Plug Me In"
  33. Run DMC "Sucka MCs" NickNack RMX
  34. Nu Shooz "I Can't Wait"
  35. Herbie Hancock "Rock It" w/ NickNack cuts

In 2004 Nick was afforded the opportunity of going on tour with RJD2 and Diverse. He wasn't going to make much money on the tour, but it would serve as a great promotional opportunity, so he took it. While in Montreal, Quebec, the van was broken into (pictured on CD cover) and all his personal records, personal CD collection, mixer, needles, etc... were stolen. His total loss was around $5,000 worth of personal property. Unfortunately this is real life and these things happen. However, Nick decided to put together this mix, in an effort to help cover the losses.

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NickNack "QuickMix 29 (Bounce, Break, Skate)"

Released: March, 2004
Genre: hip-hop, downtempo, afrobeat, funk, uptempo
Downloads: 2247
  • NickNack - QuickMix 29 (Bounce, Break, Skate)
  1. AML "Feel It" w/NickNack cuts
  2. Approach "Funk Reaction"
  3. The Earl "Live in Technicolor"
  4. Ty "Groovement"
  5. Jaydee "Ritmo Suave Bossa Nova"
  6. DJ Angola "Bailalo Quantic Mix"
  7. Browntempo "Querida Vida"
  8. The Beatconductor "Balanco"
  9. Red Astaire "Wildstyle"
  10. Hydroponic Sound System "Lagos Michigan"
  11. Dj Zeph "Floor Wax"
  12. Freddie Kruger "The Hustle"
  13. Wildstyle Theme
  14. Run DMC "Sucka MCs" NickNack RMX
  15. Nu Shooz "I can't Wait"
  16. Eric B & Rakim "Paid in Full"
  17. Gangstarr "DWYCK"
  18. 3rd Bass "Gas Face"
  19. Funky 4+1 "That's the Joint"
  20. Herbie Hancock "Rock it"
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BLAZE "Live In Barcelona"

Released: January, 2004
Genre: jazz, live
Downloads: 8
  • BLAZE - Live In Barcelona
  1. BLAZE - Povo
  2. BLAZE - Uncle Cheat's Groove
  3. BLAZE - Wade In The Water
  4. BLAZE - High Heeled Sneakers

BLAZE jazz band went on a short European tour during the winter of 2004. They played in Barcelona at a place called La Boite and this is the recording from that night.

This incarnation of the band consisted of: Brannen Temple - drums, Ephraim Owens - trumpet, Zach Caldwell - sax, James Simpson - organ and NickNack - turntables.

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NickNack "Improving Silence"

Released: January, 2004
Genre: nujazz, downtempo, breakbeat, breaks, instrumental
Downloads: 118
  • NickNack - Improving Silence
  1. NickNack - Improving Silence
  2. NickNack - Mustard Seed
  3. NickNack - Simple Shortcomings
  4. NickNack - Wind Parade
  5. NickNack - Fighting Facts
  6. NickNack - In Hind Sight
  7. NickNack - Soul Nourishment
  8. NickNack - Human Experience
  9. NickNack - Suitable Modulation
  10. NickNack - Salt of the Earth
  11. NickNack - Edify
  12. NickNack - Root to the Fruit

"Improving Silence" can best be described as a combination of jazz and hip hop. The result is a sultry, soulful downtempo instrumental sound that is sure to move you whether you like jazz, hip hop, soul, r&b or downtempo electronica. The album is a solid 60 minutes of quality music which features a stellar cast of guest appearances such as Laura Scarborough (vocals and wurlitzer), Mike Malone (sax), Ephraim Owens (trumpet), Brannen Temple (drums) and D Madness (electric bass). See what everyone is saying:

"The right mood." Vibe Magazine (Vibe Raters) May 2004

"I can't figure out if I'm listening to a new 12" or some classic Bob James ish." DJ Graffiti (88.3FM WCBN)

"Merging hip-hop and jazz into nothing short of beautiful music, Improving Silence should be heralded as a classic." Austin Chronicle (4 star review)

"Improving Silence is an impressive album that deserves all the attention and support." The Daily Texan

"NickNack's unique brand of downtempo is just what the doctor ordered to counter these stressful days. As a member of the jazz band Blaze, Nick brings a knack for melodic instrumentation to the table, coupled with his hip-hop background as a DJ in his native Texas. The result is a smooth-operating long-player that'll leave you with sweet dreams on wax." URB Magazine (El Dopa) April 2004

"If you're as sick of rappers as I am, then you sometimes just want to zone the fuck out and walk off your hangover with a bottle of orange juice and some music that doesn't feature a screaming moron in your Walkman....So I'm not even going to try to tell you about these records, I'm just going to tell you that they've been good to me as I've stumbled home at four in the morning with a bloody nose and fresh set of batteries...NickNack's 'Improving Silence'[the jazzy one]" Vice Magazine (Fritz The Cat) Vol 11 No 2

"Really lovely stuff with loads of guest musicians and even a few sulty vocals...for fans of Wide Hive or classic GiantStep sounds." XLR8R Magazine (Toph One) March 2004

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CD $9.99

NickNack "QuickMix 28 (Just Loungin)"

Released: January, 2004
Genre: downtempo, hip-hop, indie hip-hop
Downloads: 2297
  • NickNack - QuickMix 28 (Just Loungin)
  1. Daily Plannet "The Love" w/ NickNack cuts
  2. Sub Conscious "A Good Combination"
  3. Five Deez "Chilly Most"
  4. NickNack "Human Experience"
  5. Hydroponic Sound System "Disconnect"
  6. TM Juke "Knee Deep"
  7. Louis Logic "What You Think, I Know"
  8. Dub Diablo "The Shape Up"
  9. Zegon "Brazilian Breaks"
  10. Open Thought "Force of Life"
  11. De La Soul "Ring Ring Ring"
  12. Bonobo "Pick Up"
  13. Bizarra & Boomnote "Apply Pressure" w/ cuts
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NickNack "Robot Carnival (Live Turntable Score)"

Released: January, 2004
Genre: electronic, score, downtempo, rock, instrumental
Downloads: 2206
  • NickNack - Robot Carnival (Live Turntable Score)

After Alamo Drafthouse booked Nick to do a live turntable score for the Robot Carnival Japanimation shorts, the demand for this score was so high we had to press it up. To be clear, this is Nick's live turntable set, as heard at the Alamo Drafthouse screening of Robot Carnival.

For those that don't know about Robot Carnival...

Before Animatrix, before there was Neo-Tokyo, there was Robot Carnival. Part grand experiment and part anime showcase it was conceived in 1987 as a chance to get some of the best anime directors to flex their anime muscles in short form. Robot Carnival is a collection of shorts with a mecha theme that offers something for almost every anime fan, even if you aren't a fan of giant robots and the traditional robot revenge epics (although there is some of each in the mix). The collection of 8 sequences is a joy to behold and spans the breadth of the mecha genre. It has an excellent twisted sense of humor in the form of Introduction (by Katsuhiro Otomo of Akira fame, poignant drama in the form of "Presence" (Yasuomi Umetsu director of "Gatchaman" and "Kite") and the languid line drawings of "Clouds" (Mao Lambdo), as well as by the book mech stories for both girls and boys ("Starlight Angel" Hiroyuki Kitazume who directed Moldiver, and Aura Battler Dunbine and was character designer for Megazone 23 and "Deprive" Hidetoshi Omori , the director of Urusei Yatsura [aka Lum] respectively). Rounding out the set is the humorous "A Tale of Two Robots" (by Hiroyuki Kitakubo director of "Rojin Z" and "Blood: the Last Vampire") a parody of Japanese war propaganda films and "Nightmare" (Takashi Nakamura Director of Catnapped and an animator on Nausicaa) which is a nod to Night on Bald Mountain from Disney's Fantasia. There is a reason why this anthology is still being shown in this day and age of "the next new best thing" anime, experience it for the first time or again for nostalgia's sake. (Tony Salvaggio)

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NickNack "Soul Nourishment"

Released: November, 2003
Genre: nujazz, downtempo, breakbeat, breaks, instrumental
Downloads: 20
  • NickNack - Soul Nourishment
  1. NickNack "Soul Nourishment"
  2. NickNack "Human Experience"
  3. NickNack "Fighting Facts"
  4. NickNack "Turntable Treats"

If you are into classic hiphop, downtempo, jazz or just good quality instrumental music, then "Soul Nourishment" is sure to satisfy. It is the 2nd single from the "Improving Silence" full length. It features Laura Scarborough on vocals and wurlitzer, D Madness on bass and Mike Malone on sax.

Even ?uestlove has his copy showcased in his personal record collection (watch at 6:20).

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Vinyl $12.99

NickNack "Bside Blends Vol 4"

Released: October, 2003
Genre: downtempo, nujazz, hip-hop
Downloads: 2262
  • NickNack - Bside Blends Vol 4
  1. Rehash Media "Spring 1980"
  2. Memphix "Keys to Be"
  3. NickNack "Fighting Facts" instr feat Bavu Blakes and Element
  4. NickNack "Human Experience"
  5. Hezekiah feat Bahamadia "Gypsy Slang"
  6. Little Brother "Whatever You Say" NickNack remix
  7. Dilated Peoples "Marathon"
  8. Raekwon "Clientelle Kidd" NickNack remix
  9. Rebirth "The Movement" instr feat Bavu Blakes freestyle
  10. Akrobatik/Lif/Fakts One "The Show Starter"
  11. Del "Wrong Place"
  12. Pete Rock/CL "I Gotta Love"
  13. 2for5 "Broke Minds" instr feat Element freestyle
  14. Consequence "Turn Yourself In"
  15. Soundscape feat Poetree "Truth" NickNack remix
  16. Tribe feat Erykah Badu "ICU"
  17. Mya feat Pharcyde "Fallen"
  18. KoS "Heaven Only Knows" NickNack remix
  19. Automato "Walk Into the Light" instr feat Bavu Blakes freestyle
  20. Styles of Beyond "Bleach" instr with NickNack cuts

Another addition to the Bside Blends Mix CD series. This installment features the best in new hiphop, classics, quality freestyles and turntablism.

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NickNack "QuickMix 27"

Released: September, 2003
Genre: downtempo, chill, mellow, hip-hop
Downloads: 2212
  • NickNack - QuickMix 27
  1. Memphix "Neighborhood" inst
  2. Mos Def/Talib "Respiration RMX"
  3. Electric Company "Respect Life" inst
  4. Pete Rock "Take Your Time"
  5. Freddie Kruger "Angler" inst
  6. Mountain Brothers "Paper Chase"
  7. Hezekiah "Gypsy Slang" inst
  8. PUTS "Montego Slay" inst
  9. C-Mon & Kypski "Ode to Rhoades" inst
  10. Eratik Statik "Keep Rockin" inst
  11. YNQ/Bobbi Humphrey "Uno Esta" inst
  12. Poisen Pen "Fallback" inst
  13. Ugly Duckling "Rio de Jeneiro" inst
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NickNack "Mustard Seed"

Released: June, 2003
Genre: nujazz, downtempo, breakbeat, breaks, instrumental
Downloads: 21
  • NickNack - Mustard Seed
  1. NickNack - Mustard Seed
  2. NickNack - Skipless Turntable Treats
  3. NickNack - Salt of the Earth
  4. NickNack - In Hind Sight

This record is what happens when you mix a hiphop turntablist/producer with live jazz musicians. Features BLAZE members, D Madness and Meriah Garrett, plus a skipless turntable scratch section.

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Melodic and NickNack "Rootdown Live"

Released: June, 2003
Genre: downtempo, nujazz, hip-hop, electronica
Downloads: 2112
  • Melodic and NickNack - Rootdown Live

Rootdown was a monthly party that Jah Mighty put on around 2002/2003 at the Mercury (above Jazz) on 6th Street.

This incarnation features Houston's own DJ Melodic and NickNack going back and forth on a 2x4 playing everything from downtempo to soul and hip-hop. Don't sleep on this rare treat.

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NickNack "Live Mix 01-11-03"

Released: January, 2003
Genre: downtempo, nujazz, electronica, hip-hop
Downloads: 2191
  • NickNack - Live Mix 01-11-03

This is a downtempo mix that Nick recorded live in January of 2003. It was done using all vinyl and done live (mess ups included).

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Baby G and NickNack "Rootdown Live"

Released: October, 2002
Genre: hip-hop, classic hip-hop, indie hip-hop
Downloads: 2239
  • Baby G and NickNack - Rootdown Live

Rootdown was a monthly party that Jah Mighty put on around 2002/2003 at the Mercury (above Jazz) on 6th Street.

This incarnation features Dallas' own DJ Baby G and NickNack going back and forth on a 2x4 playing mostly hip-hop. The entire set is live recorded at the club.

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NickNack "QuickMix 26"

Released: September, 2002
Genre: hip-hop, soul, funk, indie hip-hop
Downloads: 2260
  • NickNack - QuickMix 26
  1. James Brown Intro
  2. Slum Village "Tainted Love Remix"
  3. Erykah Badu "Love of My Life"
  4. Kool & the Gang "Dinji"
  5. Common "Alright Instr"
  6. Rascalz "Movie Star"
  7. Rass Kass "Goldyn Chyld"
  8. J5 "What's Golden"
  9. Foxy Brown "Stylin'"
  10. Amerie "Why Don't We (NickNack RMX)"
  11. Earth, Wind & Fire "Drum Song"
  12. Jay Z / UGK "Big Pimpin'"
  13. Tela "Sho Nuff'"
  14. Lil Flip "8 Rules"
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NickNack "Bside Blends Vol 3"

Released: June, 2002
Genre: hip-hop, classic hip-hop, indie hip-hop
Downloads: 2268
  • NickNack - Bside Blends Vol 3
  1. Bavu Blakes "Intro"
  2. Wyclef/MOP/Bumpy Knuckles "Masquerade"
  3. Beatnuts "Duck Season"
  4. N.O.R.E. "Nothin"
  5. AZ "I'm Back"
  6. Organized Konfusion "Bring it On" RMX
  7. Bavu Blakes "I"
  8. Scarface "Guess Who's Back"
  9. Freeway "Line Em Up"
  10. Holiday Styles "Gangster and Gentleman"
  11. Hi Tek/G Rap/Snoop/Devin "Keep Going"
  12. N.E.R.D. "Run to the Sun"
  13. 4th Avenue Jones "Move On"
  14. Common "Unreleased"
  15. W.A.R. "Fix Your Face"
  16. 2 for 5 "Playin the Strip"
  17. Ritchy Pitch/J Live "The Lyricist"
  18. Emanon "Did You Know"
  19. Common "I Used to Love Her"
  20. Souls of Mischief "93 Til Infinity"
  21. O.C. "Born to Live"
  22. Pete Rock & CL Smooth "T.R.O.Y."
  23. Main Source "Fakin the Funk"
  24. Lord of the Underground "Lord Jazz"
  25. Jazzy Jeff "Love of da Game"

Another addition to the Bside Blends Mix CD series. These mix CDs feature the latest in indie, south, east, west and even some commercial joints. Guaranteed to keep your head nodding.

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NickNack "QuickMix 25"

Released: April, 2002
Genre: hip-hop, classic hip-hop, golden era hip-hop
Downloads: 2141
  • NickNack - QuickMix 25
  1. Common "I Used to Love HER"
  2. OC "Born to Live"
  3. Pete Rock / CL Smooth "T.R.O.Y."
  4. Pharcyde "Runnin'"
  5. Gangstarr "Question Remains"
  6. Main Source "Fakin the Funk"
  7. 3rd Bass "Gas Face"
  8. Black Moon "Who Got the Props"
  9. Souls of Mischief "93 Til Infinity"
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NickNack "RE: Construction"

Released: August, 2001
Genre: hip-hop, dirty south, scratch, turntablist
Downloads: 13
  • NickNack - RE: Construction
  1. NickNack - Blastoff (intro)
  2. NickNack - Reconstruct feat. Tray God
  3. NickNack - Yellow Slabs (interlude)
  4. NickNack - In Too Deep feat. Enfoe
  5. NickNack - Ergo (interlude)
  6. NickNack - Lock Dee feat. Environment
  7. NickNack - Laying Low (interlude)
  8. NickNack - Contagious
  9. NickNack - Thank the Lord feat. Disgruntled Seeds
  10. NickNack - Waiting (interlude)
  11. NickNack - Make Me Laugh feat. Headkrack/Lyrik
  12. NickNack - Why Even Ask
  13. NickNack - Greg Scott feat. G Smoove
  14. NickNack - Ordo ab Chao feat. Poetree
  15. NickNack - Lurk (interlude)
  16. NickNack - Wordsmith feat. Soundscape/Tray God
  17. NickNack - It's Mine
  18. NickNack - The Better feat. K-Otix
  19. NickNack - Who Want It (interlude)
  20. NickNack - Start to Flow
  21. NickNack - Real Life feat. Soundscape
  22. NickNack - Tuned In (interlude)
  23. NickNack - Show You How feat. QB/Headkrack
  24. NickNack - Serenade (interlude)
  25. NickNack - Scarred Souls feat. G Smoove
  26. NickNack - Spectators (outro)

"RE: Construction" is Texas' first hiphop/turntablist compilation. It features a FULL 74 mins of production and scratches by NickNack along with a stellar cast of guest emcees.

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CD $9.99

NickNack "RE: Construction (single)"

Released: August, 2001
Genre: hip-hop, dirty south, scratch, turntablist
Downloads: 10
  • NickNack - RE: Construction (single)
  1. NickNack - Show You How feat. QB/Headkrack
  2. NickNack - The Better feat. K-Otix
  3. NickNack - Real Life feat. Soundscape
  4. NickNack - Show You How (Instr)
  5. NickNack - The Better (Instr)
  6. NickNack - Real Life (Instr)
  7. NickNack - Texas Treats (scratches)

This 12inch includes the hit "Real Life" by Soundscape which stayed #1 on Impacts college radio charts for 4 weeks in a row! Quantities are extrememly limited. Get it while you still can.

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NickNack "QuickMix 12"

Released: May, 2001
Genre: hip-hop, remix, hi-tek, classic hip-hop, golden era hip-hop
Downloads: 2059
  • NickNack - QuickMix 12
  1. Soundscape "Truth"
  2. De La Soul "Stakes is High"
  3. Outkast "Due Time"
  4. Common "Dooinit"
  5. Mobb Deep "Shook Ones Pt 2"
  6. PRT "Shakila"
  7. Lil Mo "Superwoman"
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NickNack "Bside Blends Version 1.0"

Released: January, 2001
Genre: hip-hop, indie hip-hop
Downloads: 2118
  • NickNack - Bside Blends Version 1.0

Bavu Blakes hosts what is technically Bside Blends #2. This mix was heavily promoted at NAMM in 2001. Sorry there's no tracklisting at this point in time.

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Soundscape "Listeners (single)"

Released: September, 2000
Genre: hip-hop, dirty south
Downloads: 3
  • Soundscape - Listeners (single)
  1. Soundscape - Listeners
  2. Soundscape - Truth feat. Poetree
  3. Soundscape - Die In Your Sleep
  4. Soundscape - Listeners (Instr)
  5. Soundscape - Truth feat. Poetree (Acapella)
  6. Soundscape - Die In Your Sleep (Instr)

OK, for the 100th time...Soundscape = NickNack + Bavu Blakes. Bavu is the emcee and Nick is the deejay/producer. Got it? Good. Let's move on...this 12inch is Poetree's and Soundscape's debut release. It features the underground classic "Truth". Be sure to cop it while supplies are extremely limited.

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NickNack "Bside Blends Vol 1"

Released: September, 1999
Genre: hip-hop, classic hip-hop, indie hip-hop
Downloads: 2050
  • NickNack - Bside Blends Vol 1
  1. Mos Def "Got"
  2. Smut Peddlers "First Name"
  3. Kardinall "UR Ghetto"
  4. Organized "God Send"
  5. 7L/Inpectah Deck "Real Words"
  6. Common "Dooinit"
  7. Mos Def "May-Dec"
  8. Dre "Time Bomb"
  9. Spontaneous "Touch This"
  10. Self Scientifik "Best Part"
  11. Grand Agent "Mingling"
  12. Rakim "When I Be On the Mic"
  13. Styles of Beyond "Spies rmx"
  14. Mykill Myers "Illest"

"B-Side Blends vol 1" is the first in a series of live mixtapes recorded from Nick's radio shows (91.7FM KVRX and 88.7FM KAZI--with DJ La D Da). This first installment is 60 minutes in length, and is jam packed with non stop underground hip hop as well as scratching. Nick even laces the emcees with a few instrumentals to flow over. For more information about Bside Blends check out

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NickNack "In The Nick Of Time"

Released: January, 1999
Genre: instrumental, soul, hip-hop, funny, mellow
Downloads: 2042
  • NickNack - In The Nick Of Time
  1. NickNack - A Side Intro
  2. NickNack - Intruder's Anthem
  3. NickNack - Booper
  4. NickNack - Beat Down
  5. NickNack - Inside My Head
  6. NickNack - Durtee South
  7. NickNack - Still Searchin
  8. NickNack - Rockin Autobots
  9. NickNack - Marielito Deejays
  10. NickNack - Nightcrawler
  11. NickNack - Making You Succumb
  12. NickNack - Wet Willy
  13. NickNack - Waterbed Waves
  14. NickNack - Supersoaker
  15. NickNack - Thank Yall
  16. NickNack - B Side Intro
  17. NickNack - Frank Prescot
  18. NickNack - Human Beat Box
  19. NickNack - Leon's Chesthair
  20. NickNack - The Situation
  21. NickNack - Dusty Fingers
  22. NickNack - Al Green
  23. NickNack - I Still Love Her
  24. NickNack - Are You Ready
  25. NickNack - Reactivate
  26. NickNack - Listen

This album showcases Nick's production as well as turntablist skills. While the turntable skills present on the tape may not be the illest by today's standard, the overall tape is put together very well. He produced well over 80 percent of all of the instrumentals on the tape, and even did the cover artwork.

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Prince Poetry & QB "Long Distance"

Released: May, 1998
Genre: hip-hop, dirty south, east coast
Downloads: 6
  • Prince Poetry & QB - Long Distance
  1. Prince Poetry & QB - Long Distance (Clean)
  2. Prince Poetry & QB - Long Distance (Instr)
  3. Prince Poetry & QB - Long Distance (Dirty)
  4. Prince Poetry & QB - Top to Bottom (Instr)
  5. Prince Poetry & QB - Top to Bottom (Dirty)
  6. Environment - Truth (Dirty)

This 12inch didn't technically come out on Crowd Control Records, it came out on Five Finger Records (which is no longer in existence).

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La D Da and NickNack "Phono Phoniks"

Released: March, 1997
Genre: hip-hop, indie hip-hop, remixes
Downloads: 2058
  • La D Da and NickNack - Phono Phoniks
    33 RPM side (La D Da)
  1. Intro
  2. Recycled Candy
  3. Jigmastas - Beyond Real (Remix)
  4. Onyx - ?
  5. Screwball - Why
  6. Al Tariq - Peace Akki
  7. G. Don - World Premiere
  8. Fierce Crab
  9. Soul Survivors - Rock the Mic
  10. Mario Lucci
  11. Kool G Rap - Fast Life (Remix)
  12. INI - Faking Jax (Remix)
  13. Company Flow - Vital Nerve
  14. Lootpack - Tupperware Puppets
  15. Keith Murray - Yeah
  16. Nebular
  17. Hitech - Book of Life
  18. Adagio - Obvious Joint
  19. Ghostface - Camay
  20. Outro
  21. 45 RPM side (NickNack)
  22. Intro
  23. Double Dutch
  24. Noe Doe Network - Next Stop (Remix)
  25. Ghetto Children - Equilibrium
  26. E.C. - No More
  27. Company Flow - Info Kill
  28. Name Game
  29. Sic Sense - Onemantality
  30. Rhyme Mutilator - Style Enforcer
  31. PMD - Styles Cramped
  32. Xzibit - Foundation (Remix)
  33. KRS-One - The MC
  34. Runnin' Shit
  35. Mobb Deep - Front Lines (Remix)
  36. Moonshine - Duck Season
  37. Chubb Rock - East vs West
  38. Stick Em
  39. Outro

La D Da and NickNack teamed up to form the Infamous DJs in the mid 90s. La D Da was on Nick's Bside Radio show at KVRX for a couple of years and this tape came out around that time.

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NickNack "N Fection"

Released: February, 1997
Genre: hip-hop, classic hip-hop, indie hip-hop
Downloads: 2019
  • NickNack - N Fection
  1. A Side Intro
  2. Living Legends "Right Now"
  3. Smut Peddlers "Hole Repertiore"
  4. De La Soul "Trouble in the Water"
  5. Interlude
  6. Science of Life "Metaphysic"
  7. Raidermen "Top Dollar"
  8. Khromosomes "Say Word"
  9. Interlude
  10. Arsonists "Blaze"
  11. Black Eyed Peas "Fallin Up"
  12. Gangstarr "Work"
  13. Boondox freestyles
  14. A Side Outro
  15. B Side Intro
  16. P.A. "Like We Do"
  17. Loose "Say What"
  18. Fourfiths "Earth,Wind,Fire"
  19. Iinterlude
  20. All Natural "Thinkin Cap"
  21. Emanon "Outside Looking In"
  22. Diamond Mercenaries "Diamonds Are Forever"
  23. Iinterlude
  24. Boo Brown "For My People"
  25. Cocoa Brovas "The Cash"
  26. Canibus "1st Round KO"
  27. B Side Outro

"N-Fection" is a true underground hip hop tape. It features 90 minutes of dope hip hop along with scratches and skits. This tape was recorded around Febuary 1997, so most of the songs are outdated now, but some are still hard to find.

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NickNack "N Cohearent"

Released: September, 1996
Genre: funk, soul, jazz, r&b
Downloads: 2151
  • NickNack - N Cohearent

"N-Cohearent" was recorded in the fall of 1996. The tape is made up of early 70's Funk, Soul, Jazz, and R&B. Featuring groups such as Main Ingredient, Isaac Hayes, Al Green, Latimore, etc... "N-Cohearant" is a collage of music constructed using only 2 turntables and a Tascam 464 4 track. Nick even produces entire tracks using only turntables.

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NickNack "Lacerations"

Released: September, 1995
Genre: hip-hop, classic hip-hop, indie hip-hop
Downloads: 2120
  • NickNack - Lacerations
  1. A Side Intro
  2. Wild Style
  3. Mr. Voodo "Shine"
  4. Artifacts "Art of Facts"
  5. Vooodo "2 Deadly Sins"
  6. Common "Interlude"
  7. Interlude "The Next World"
  8. Big Shug "Crush"
  9. De La Soul "Stakes Is High(Remix)"
  10. Mystic Journeymen "Depths of Survival"
  11. Alkaholiks "Int. Anthem"
  12. Da Noe Doe Network "Take A Journey"
  13. Interlude "Original Butter Technics"
  14. A Side Outro
  15. B Side Intro
  16. "Rock Dis Funky Joint" instr
  17. "All For One" instr
  18. "So Whatcha Sayin" instr
  19. Arsonists "Halloween"
  20. Xzibit "Paparazzi"
  21. Various Blends "Chill As I Flex"
  22. Sean Black "Fuk Dat"
  23. Interlude "Makin Me Itch"
  24. Outkast "Elevators(Remix)"
  25. Street Poets "Everybody Knows Me"
  26. Gangstarr "What You Expected"
  27. Soul Kid Klik "Mortal Combat" Outro

"Lacerations" was NickNack's first professional mixtape release (meaning the first time he had tape professionally made/duped). It was recorded on his 4-track in 1995. This tape is very similar to "N-Fection" in the sense that it is a undergroung hip hop tape featuring many rare grooves. It is jammed packed with 90 minutes of non-stop hip hop. Cover design done by Point 5.

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NickNack "Audio Laxative"

Released: June, 1995
Genre: hip-hop, classic hip-hop, indie hip-hop
Downloads: 2111
  • NickNack - Audio Laxative

This came out JUST before Lacerations and was dropped right when Nick moved to Austin, TX to attend UT. He hit up Kinkos to xerox the cover and hand duplicated 50+ copies of the tape himself. Thankfully you can enjoy it digitally now ;)

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